• Extra Curriculum Facilities

    Aditya Public School offers the students a variety of extra-curricular activities. Vocal and Instrumental music, Dance, Art and Craft are integral parts of the education system in the school till Class VIII. After that the exceptional students are given extra-attention with extra classes. The school has managed to create and hone exceptional talent in all these fields. Children regularly have their works presented in national and international exhibitions.

    Extracurricular activities are an essential element of school life. Magazines are published in English. School pupils compile and integrate matter and are given the opportunity to enhance their creativity. Activity clubs, wherein children participate eagerly and perform social and public awareness programs.

    Music, Art and Dance (M.A.D.) provide avenues for the blooming of artistic talent. Every child who has the interest and urge to excel is given ample opportunity and chance to explore and enhance his/her potential.