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    APS - An perfect of Quality Education

    Welcome to the Corner of Aditya Public Preschool , one of happiest, friendliest places in Mandsaur city for families with children from three months to six years old. At Preschool of APS we strive to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what interests and inspires them.

    It is our joy and pleasure to help families find just the right early education setting for their children and we’re sure it’s here with us, in a safe and comfortable place where learning is full of fun.

    We are the nearest Senior Secondary School with preschool Education program in the Mandsuar City, and our size reflects our experience: over 10 years of outstanding childhood education and practical application to create the best possible setting for children (and families) with big hopes, dreams, and ideas.

    At APS Kids zone, your child is provided with a strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and academic skills to make them become a multi-talented individual.

    What We Believe

    We believe children thrive and feel safe in a structured environment.

    We believe in presenting lessons in a traditional format with a theatrical twist.

    We believe children learn best through play.

    We believe in developing the whole child by using each lesson to support physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.

    We believe in giving children the right and responsibility to make one of two choices and that by holding them accountable for their choice we are strengthening their love of learning and sense of independence.

    We believe in providing all children the gift of time to learn at their own pace.

    Primary School

    Infrastructural facilities play a vital role for the quality of Primary education system.

    The Block radiates energy which sends a positive stimuli, young Dipsites have an Eco-friendly, well ventilated , well lit class rooms

    The class rooms possess a smart board, which helps the student to learn in fun filled manner. The sessions are planned in an ineractive manner which provides ample opportunity to the beginners to develop confidence and express their views. We follow "Mother-Teacher" concept in class I & II.

    The activities at this level helps the student to shed their inhibition and face challenges. Activities are held intra-section to enable maximum students get chance to come out of their comfort zone. We have individual activities like poetry recitation, drawing , story telling, fancy dress etc and group activities like quiz, skit where they learn to work and play as a team.

    In addition to these, our shining stars are not behind their seniors to show-case their talent on field in various games like skating, athletics, basket ball, foot ball. These games help in building stamina and resilience.

    To develop the psychomotor, social skills, here students .APS are exposed to Montessori labs. We have Music, Art and Dance rooms which help the students to identify their hidden talents.

    From class III, each subject is handled by subject experts who gives a clear insight into the subjects, which is helped by hand on practicals for in depth knowledge of the basic concepts of science and math in well equipped science and math labs.

    APS believes technology is the back bone of development. From primary level students are given exposure to various computer applications. A separate Computer lab for the primary classes designed as per their requirement.

    Co-curricular activities are given utmost importance in the overall development of Dipsites. These activities help to develop the students' cultural aptitude and physical strength and stamina.

    M.A.D. (Music Art Dance) department lets each child express his/her ability uninhibited. "A healthy mind rests in a healthy body". To vent energy and to develop self discipline sports are the best elixir. The sports complex offers - cricket, foot ball, basket ball, table tennis, skating and badminton . For grooming the personality of each student. Personality Development lab provides ample opportunity.

    The students are grouped under four houses which gives each of them an opportunity to enhance their skills. The competitions conducted are inter house which helps in striking a close relation with House tutors and House wardens.

    The Inter house competitions shape Dipsites and in turn they become industrious and skilled.

    Class 6th to 8th

    A well designed, age appropriate, balanced curriculum, a variety of sports and Inter House competitions provide ample opportunities for the holistic development of students.

    Well equipped, spacious laboratories for sciences, Maths and Computers provide avenues for performing experiments and hands-on activities..

    Music, Art and Dance add a new dimension to the youngster's personality. Classical musical and dance, percussion and string instruments, drawing and painting provide opportunities of developing creativity and expressing individuality.

    Technology aided learning, through smart boards, provided in each classroom to reinforce and clarify abstract concepts.

    Well qualified, trained caring teachers provide invaluable Should be support and understanding to the young adolescents.

    Class 9th to 12th

    The students of classes IX - XII blossom into well-groomed, smart, responsible teenagers. With their focus firmly fixed on achieving and turning dreams into reality, students, are provided guidance, care and motivations by their capable and experienced teachers, to further propel them onto their chosen paths. Students are empowered to appear for the CBSE Board Exam, as well as face the challenges of competitiveexams. Be it academics or co-curricular achievements, opportunities for honing talent and excelling are provided to assist the maturing students to shape her destiny.

    A well-equipped Library, Digital equipped smart classrooms, laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer Science – complete the learning experience.

    Career counselling assists students in crystalling their career options.

    A variety of sports – Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, , Table Tennis, Skating, Swimming.